Burnout Revenge Soundtrack

Posted on June 02, 2016

No, I didn't create the soundtrack for the mid-ought's videogame Burnout Revenge from Criterion Games, nor does this have anything to do with penguins. The fact of the matter is, Burnout Revenge on the Xbox 360 remains one of my favorite games of all time and the soundtrack really has a lot to do with it.

Does it include a lot of artists I might normally listen to? Not necessarily, but they fit with the driving mayhem of the game itself, which cemented both in my adult-psyche.

So without further ado, in alphabetical order by artist, I present to you, the soundtrack to the game Burnout Revenge. Enjoy!

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Music for Warm Weather Penguins

Posted on April 09, 2007

A short, sweet, summer sampler and the first MFP compilation to attempt a theme. I listen to this tracklist far more than any other playlist I've ever put together.

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Volume Three

Posted on December 15, 2004

My favorite of the three compilations. My only criteria were that the songs flow well from one to the next—whether an unexpected change or not—and to try to limit artist repeats. Also, while unintentional, I feel the songs do create a bizarre sort of emotional narrative arc throughout which is a happy byproduct.

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Volume Two

Posted on December 15, 2003

My second compilation for —for the 2003 holiday season—is a sore spot for me to this day. Individually, I like all of of the songs obviously, but as a compilation I don't feel it flows particularly well and I never really finished handing out copies of this to friends. It is too long, has too many repeat artists from the first Music for Penguins, and the constraint of only choosing songs available on the iTunes store at the time caused more problems than it solved

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